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Beach holiday destinations Italy

When people search for the top beach holiday destinations in Italy, they also look for a hotel which will provide them all the amenities at one place. This is exactly what we are recognized for. At our hotel, you will find everything from luxurious rooms with a view to the excellent sea food to make your beach holiday memorable.

The hotel is easily accessible from the best sightseeing locations in central Italy, making your travel organization extremely simple. Our dedicated staff will also help you to figure out good beach holiday destinations near the hotel which you can visit during your stay. We will make sure that you will enjoy every single moment of your holiday at our hotel.

Whether you are travelling with your friends or family, the Hotel Continental in Senigallia offers you everything to make your holiday soothing and highly enjoyable. Don’t forget to try our special sea food dishes while relaxing at beach site, where, if you want to try something adventurous, you'll have the chance of participating in some outdoor water sports activities.