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Family hotel on the sea Italy
The hotel is gifted with the natural sea surroundings and offers its guests many different panoramic landscapes, conditions that make it the perfect family hotel on the sea in Italy. We also offer exclusive opportunities to play tennis with your kids and friends at our beach courts, while a bicycle ride on beach sand is definitely another experience to enjoy with the youngest.

Our hotel is equipped with several child friendly amenities on the beach and during evening time you may consider relaxing yourself on the sand while enjoying the precious moments of sunset with your kids. The seaside view can also be enjoyed from your room as every room is equipped with private balcony: the perfect family hotel on Italy's sea can easily become a romantic setting while the kids are away.

All our rooms are wi-fi enabled allowing you to share your holiday pictures with your friends through the Internet. Some other unique services are available in hotel such as a Shuttle Bus facility for the city center. Consider DV Hotel Continental on your priority list during your upcoming travel to Italy along with your family.